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 Why Missions?

As is evident in the vision of our church, Denver United has determined to be a body of believers that exists not for itself but for the glory of God in the world around us. We as a united fellowship pledge to seek out the most marginalized in our local and global communities to extend a helping hand and offer the love of Christ. As stewards of the resources God has given us, we focus our efforts on strategic opportunities on local, national, and international levels:

Locally, we serve our community through local ministry partners and regular outreach projects.
Urgent Needs and Serving Opportunities

Nationally, we support the Association of Related Churches (ARC) to plant life-giving churches that are advancing the Kingdom of God in the U.S.A.

Globally, we proclaim the glory of God by nurturing missionary partnerships, praying, giving, sending short term teams, and raising up career missionaries in the least-reached a neediest areas of the world. India 2011 Summer Missions

Get involved!  Check out our 2012 mission trips:2012 Global Missions

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