Global Missions

Global missions is a priority which rests at the core of Denver United's vision. We envision it as a strategic portfolio of relational and financial investments designed to build God’s kingdom in other nations.   

Our heart is to develop fruitful, long-term relationships with Gospel workers we know and love, who become a part of our church family.  They are our heroes, but also real people who need our love, care and support.  In addition, we will raise up long-term missionaries from our church, and create a pervasive missions-minded culture.  We see a missions lifestyle as part of the normal Christian life, not a special activity for the elite and super-spiritual few.  We will partner, send, pray and give as part of the regular rhythm of our church's life. We commit to communicating regularly with our missions partners and our church to expose each group to the work God is doing in and through them.  We will be culturally sensitive, financially generous, and deliberate in our work. 
Some of our emphases include church planting, children, leadership development and work among unreached and/or marginally reached peoples.


We employ a tiered relationship strategy, starting with relationship building and culminating with prayer and financial support.  
Tier 1 -  Short-term missions trips, individual trip support for church members, and new partnerships.  Funding is typically given as one-time gifts as we have overage in our missions budget.

Tier 2 -  Gospel workers in their first few years of cross-cultural ministry and parachurch ministries, i.e., the startup phase.  Funding is a monthly gift for one calendar year beginning in January.  Renewal of funding is based on ministry progress, intentionality of communication, desire for relationship with Denver United, and a fit with the long-term vision of Denver United. 
Tier 3 -   Long-term missionaries, projects and Gospel workers with proven track record, long-term relationship and strategic impact.  Openness to host short-term teams and interns and provide strategic missions advice and guidance is expected.  Funding is a monthly gift for one calendar year beginning in January. Yearly renewal is likely based on available missions funds.

For questions and information, please contact Pastor Justin Spicer, Executive Pastor,